Abraham LincolnAlexander HamiltonAmerica (The United States)
Andrew JacksonBen FranklinBenedict Arnold
Charles PinckneyChief Justice of the United StatesCival War Era
Civil War ReconstuctionCivil War ResultsCongress
Davy CrockettEarly national eraFort McHenry
Fort SumpterFort TiconderogaFreemasonry
George WashingtonGouvenrneur MorrisHoratio Gates
ImpeachmentJames MadisonJames Monroe
JamestownJefferson DavisJohn Adams
John JayJohn LockeJoin or Die Political Cartoon
Judicial ReviewKing George IIILexington and Concord
Nathanael GreeneRoanokeSacagawea
SenateSeptember 11, 2001State Governments
TariffsThe AlamoThe American Flag
The American History WikiThe American RevolutionThe Appalachian Mountains
The Articles of ConfederationThe Battle for Mexico CityThe Battles of the Mexican War
The Bill of RightsThe Boston Tea PartyThe British Empire
The Civil WarThe Colonial EraThe Confederate States of America
The ConstitutionThe Constitutional ConventionThe Continental Army
The Declaration of IndependenceThe Democratic PartyThe Department of State
The Federalist PartyThe Founding FathersThe French and Indian War
The Gadson PurchaseThe Hudson RiverThe Indian Removal Act
The Intolerable ActsThe Invasion of CanadaThe Invasion of Canada in the Revolution
The Lewis and Clark ExpeditionThe Lousiana PurchaseThe Mexican Cession
The Middle ColoniesThe Monroe DoctrineThe National Bank
The Native AmericansThe New England ColoniesThe New Jersey Plan
The Northwest Land OrdinanceThe Nullification CrisisThe Oregon Trail
The PresidentThe President of the SenateThe Presidents Cabinet
The Presidents of The United StatesThe Republic of VermontThe Republican Party
The Southern ColoniesThe Stamp ActThe Star Spangled Banner
The Supreme CourtThe Tea Party MovementThe Thirteen Colonies
The Virginia PlanThe War of 1812The Whig Party
The White HouseThe Writ of AssistanceThomas Jefferson
United States presidential line of successionVice PresidentWashington D.C.
West PointWilliam PierceZachary Taylor
File:12 original colonies.pngFile:1968 King Assassination Report (CBS News)File:3595 1025322674-1-.jpg
File:5449011659 3a9f72710c-1-.jpgFile:84px-Cowpens Flag.svg.pngFile:84px-US flag 13 stars.svg.png
File:84px-US flag 13 stars – Betsy Ross.svg.pngFile:AlamoBattlePaintingTexasStateLibraryNArchives-1-.jpgFile:AlexanderHamilton-1-.jpg
File:American Flag.pngFile:Battle of fort mchenry-1-.jpgFile:Ben franklin-1-.jpg
File:Betsy-ross-flag-big-1-.pngFile:Brandywine.124124407 std-1-.jpgFile:Civil-War-1-.jpg
File:Constitution of th unided states-1-.jpgFile:Continental-congress-1-.jpgFile:Custer2-1-.jpg
File:ExplorePAHistory-a0a9w7-a 349-1-.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Founding-fathers-1-.jpg
File:George-washington-picture-1-.jpgFile:Grand Union Flag.pngFile:How-to-draw-a-union-soldier-fighting-a-confederate-soldier-1-.jpg
File:Images-4-.jpgFile:James-madison-picture-1-.jpgFile:Jb colonial williams 3 e-1-.jpg
File:John-jay-1-.jpgFile:JohnAdams-1-.jpgFile:Lewis and clark expedition-1-.jpg
File:Louisiana purchase treaty agreement-1-.jpgFile:Mexican american war.jpgFile:Middle Colonies.jpg
File:Otmapmodern-1-.gifFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:President Official Portrait HiRes-1-.jpg
File:Shiloh.jpgFile:Soldier web-1-.jpgFile:Standt-1-.jpg
File:Thomas-jefferson-2-.jpgFile:US-Senate1-1-.pngFile:Union soldier 2 -1-.jpg
File:Westpoint-1-.gifFile:White house 1846 small-1-.jpgFile:Wiki-background

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